Stryker - mobile pentest has never been so easy!



Let's see what possibilities this application provides us!

Interactive UI

With this app, you can forget about static image and terminals!  


WiFI Attacks

Test your networks for the most effective and dangerous vulnerabilities!


Local network

Test your devices within the network and control traffic! Test most popular  vulnerabilities!


The application itself will give you hints and displays the result! Simpe like a click!

Exploit Hub

Do you want to connect your scripts and utilities? Smart addition of exploits will help you!



Customize the app for you and your device! Add new features yourself!


This project is developed on the enthusiasm and your support!



Pentest should be available to everyone, everywhere! But this does not mean that it should not be comfortable and beautiful!

Where to get?

Stryker is a free and open source application. You do not need to pay and you can download and test by clicking on the buttons below

Download Github


Stryker is a new app for mobile pentest. It is fully interactive and differs in small size and great functionality from competitors. Unlike other similar developments, no special knowledge and skills are required.

Installation is quite easy and step by step. Just follow the instructions on the welcome screens.

Stryker is not only an application but also Alpine Linux! The application interacts and processes the output from the alpine environment and displays a clear result to the user

Since all phones are very different, it is impossible to guarantee that all attacks will work on your device, think of a mistake knowing this information! If you think that everything was submitted correctly and a 100% error should not occur, you can turn on the debug mode in the settings and send the log to the developer later! If you have an error during installation, tap 5 times on the icon on the first slide, go through the whole process until the error, and then also send the log to the developer!

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